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The company began life over five years ago primarily doing custom website design and hosting for high-end customers like Coach Lou Holtz and Hundreds of small business websites were developed and feedback was obtained about their needs and wishes. The company gradually got more and more involved in the development of a server-side website building/hosted application, making it possible for small-businesses and individuals to design, build and maintain their own Online Identities with a state of the art email system. Three years later, we offer the fruits of this effort.

We are now the home of the SiteBuildingSystem, offering businesses and individuals an all-in-one solution for creating, maintaining and hosting their Online Identity including email administration. We leave it up to the customer to determine the way they want to be presented online and how their website should look, while we take care of the red tape. We do domain-name registration, IMAP e-mail hosting with a 128-bit secure webmail interface, website hosting, server-side anti-spam and anti-virus filtering, secure certificates, tier-one redundant, generator-backed connectivity and live support.

We also make it as easy for other businesses to resell our technology to customers of their own. Our end product is ideal for the home-based business or small business which simply needs an attractive, flexible presence on the web as well as for the business VAR (value added reseller) which can partner with us to offer a customized solution to their clients. For the portal partner, it is only necessary to incorporate four links into the SiteBuildingSystem to offer all this capability through their existing website with its own content and style.

At the heart of the SiteBuilidingSystem framework is the Flash-based Site Editor, a revolutionary set of tools which allow the construction of a complete, attractive website online using familiar, easy-to-use word-processing-like methods. Customers can access the tools from any Internet-connected computer with Flash 6 or greater installed and make updates to their website on-the-fly! E-mail is hosted using the IMAP protocol, which has many advantages over POP3, including the ability to store e-mail on a central, secure server with server-side protection against spam and viruses. Our Live Assistance component is PHP-based, is browser-independent and even offers click-tracking for marketing and support purposes.

It really is easy and affordable to establish a first-class Online IDentity using the SiteBuildingSystem through, and for partners to make this capability available to their wide variety of customers. We work constantly to improve this experience, to incorporate feedback from customers and partners and to improve the SiteBuildingSystem itself, so please don't hesitate to contact us using the link to the left and let us know what you're thinking.

  • Unique domain name secured for you to keep. You can "park" your domain with us even if you have no immediate plans to use it.
  • Hosted e-mail accounts with easy self-administration, 128-bit secure webmail interface and server-side anti-spam and anti-virus filtering.
  • Web-based Virtual Office (addressbook, notes, calendar, e-mail folders and bookmarks) keeps your personal information organized and Internet-available.
  • Online Site Editor puts creative control and ability to make changes in your hands from anywhere you have access to the Web. Nothing to download and no coding to learn!
  • Tier-1 hosting of your website and e-mail -- your Online Identity -- means that it's always secure to you and available to everyone.
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